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With more than 50 years of combined professional experience, Nicolas Rockler and Thomas Kavet offer a wide range of professional economic consulting services to public and private sector entities. Our services are highly customized for each client – utilizing our expertise in economic and demographic forecasting, regional economic impact analysis, unbiased public policy research and analysis, and creative analytic solutions. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

Our business is...

Economic Consulting

Our professional economic services are designed to provide information that leads to action. Whether investing in office buildings in Shanghai, expanding a fiberglass insulation manufacturing plant, or working through a maze of permits to develop a wind farm, our economic analysis and insights can help quantify both risks and opportunities, and anticipate pivotal changes in the economy that can affect end-markets.

Public Policy Consulting

Our public policy consultancy also focuses on providing legislators and other public officials with information that leads to action. Whether providing revenue forecasts that frame state budgets, demographic projections that anticipate education and healthcare expenditures, special studies on creative state policy options to aid the working poor, or expert testimony debunking tobacco lobby propaganda, we provide unbiased analysis that public officials can rely on.


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