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Dr. Rockler and Mr. Kavet offer professional economic consulting services that are customized to each client’s needs. In addition to longstanding independent consulting relationships with our clients, we can assemble and interact with diverse teams of professionals in multi-disciplinary environments, and develop and manage relevant date sources in support of creating unique solutions to client issues.

We utilize state-of-the-art econometric modeling and other analytics software and computer systems, and have access to both human and data resources in federal and state government, among professional peers and with private sector contacts in a variety of relevant disciplines. In our written documents and briefings, we strive to articulate complex economic issues in commonly understandable language for use by a wide range of interested parties and the general public.

We pride ourselves on performing unbiased analysis that is credible and meaningful to our clients’ needs. In addition to extensive public policy work, examples of which are available here, we perform a wide range of private sector economic, market and strategic planning work for companies involved in real estate investment and finance, building products manufacturing, alternative energy development and environmental information.

Selected projects